IPA Cross –Border Program Albania-Montenegro, 2007-2013

Background of this idea
The idea of this project is to strike a perfect balance of improving the environment and encouraging environmentally-friendly economic activities in the cross border Shkoder Lake Area. Due to Shkodra Lake’s significant natural heritage, it is imperative to promote this pilot program for joint awareness raising initiatives and provision of information on environment protection of the border region aimed at economical prosperity in the long-term run. Our proposal aims to introduce one of the most innovative actions to overcome the very complex problem of environmental pollution and waste use/recycling. It relies in the trans-boundary and interdisciplinary methods that combine artistic skills, economic and engineering, in order to use waste and introduce environmental friendly products. The Art, Plastics and Recycling Program positively, is a concept that is inclusive in local development agencies, SMEs and other actors of development. This is an important factor in the long-term sustainability not only of this project proposal but also for the sustainable socio-economical development of this Cross -Border Area.

Objectives of the project
  • Reduce negative effects on environment and encourage environmentally-friendly economic activities.
  • Increase public awareness about the importance, protection and promotion of the environment and natural heritage.
  • Promote Shkodra Lake Area.
  • Create a functional environment-art network of artists and other organizations established in target area.
Target groups
The specific target group of this project is included in the potential environmental-art sector. Thus the resulting target groups in this proposal are artists (up to 20), local communities and authorities of Shkodra Lake and consumers. Furthermore the project will also pay attention to young people and women within the target groups by stipulating their involvement in the activities.

Project Activities
  1. Map region’s solid waste disposal hot spots
    • Conduct field trips and meeting with Municipality, Ngo, Schools to help define the Waste Disposal hot spots.
    • Introduce and realize plastic collection concept by creating a strategy with efficient involvement of local communities in the collection and recycling.
    • Conduct workshops on Plastics in Art Select and acknowledge the target group on the new concept
  2. Develop Capacity Building
    • Organize trainings, seminars with German experts who will introduce the way of communications between environmentalist and artists
    • Execute Interchangeable “experience exchange” study trips
  3. Organization of a large Promotional Exhibition in the Lake areas
    • Provide Recycling containers to local communities
    • Collect plastics in accordance with developed concept
    • Prepare and organize Promotional Exhibition where artists both from Montenegro and Albania will express their willingness not only to realize a work in a context which meets their ideas but also to create an environment which would also make possible a collective exhibition experience)
  4. Development and distribution of marketing material
    • Organize and execute press-release for the presentation of the program
    • Design the web
The project will have an impact on the prevention of the environment damages, clan up of the area and the use of plastic waste for artistic and economic purposes. The successful implementation will have a positive impact on tourism development of the zone having bringing benefits for the population of both sides of the border and of both countries as well.
  • Up to 20 innovative creations will be verified and promoted allowing visitors to explore the traditional way of recycling and at the same time to associate it with numerous works of art.
  • Plastic will be taken seriously in the establishment on beauty and aesthetics by up to 15 artisans of the project area.
  • Environmentally friendly on site interpretation will be improved, through development and installment of up to 8 indicative art of works on environmental pollution.

  • This project will be implemented in 18 months:06/2012-12/2013