A fair in Shkodra on 24.10.2013

"Marin Barleti" University on 24.10.2013 in collaboration with University "Luigi Gurakuqi" organized a fair in Shkodra "Lake,Heritage and Tourism" where were organized a series of activities which promoted environmental protection and an innovative way to improve tourism in Skadar Lake area . These activities were carried out within the project "Art, plastics and recycling" (Art, Plastics & Recycling), aimed at protecting the environment and promoting environmentally friendly activities.

In the press conference that was held in the University "Luigi Gurakuqi" was presented the project idea and was an opportunity to present the activities carried out by that date. Also in this conference was presented the work of students of the University of Shkodra in the branch of art, who carried a large picture with views of Lake Skadar realize through plastic waste. In this art work students were inspired by plants and animals which are found in Lake Skadar and are threatened by environmental protection. Then , in the area of pedonale Shkoder , from 12:00 to 15:00 , was an exhibition of souvenirs and other items of value to use the recycled plastic , which was created by students of the University "Luigi Gurakuqi".

At the same time , various farmers in the area of Skadar Lake promoted gastronomic exhibition - wine , brandy , honey , cheese , olives , fruits , vegetables , etc. . Visitors to the event were able to free tasting of these foods. In this way this event once again showed potential power of gastronomic tourism in Skadar Lake, and presents the possibility that through the inspiration of artists to promote the city of Shkodra as a tourist destination with an awareness of the importance of environmental protection. In addition, in the period from 08:30 to 09:30, in the area of Skadar Lake, was organized a cleaning campaign. In this case, students, and members of the school, along with a team of UMB collected plastic waste with appropriate code, which were transported in “Luigj Gurakuqi” University, as a contribution to the work of students on recycling and designing objects.