Official Closing Presentation of the Art, Plastic & Recycling Project

On 22nd November,2013 at 12.00 AM was held at premises of the PR Centre in Podgorica The official closing presentation of the project of "Art, Plastic & Recycling", organised by the Centre for Sustainable Tourism Initiatives (CSTI). The same closing ceremony on 26nd November, 2013 at 11.00 AM was held at premises of Hotel Rozafa Shkoder organized by "Marin Barleti" University (UMB). This project is funded by the European Union within the IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Programme between Albania and Montenegro, and implemented by the Centre for Sustainable Tourism Initiatives (CSTI) from Podgorica and Marin Barleti University from Tirana, in cooperation with NGOs Culture Zone in Montenegro and the Deliart Association in Albania, as project partners.

In Skadar Lake region as a project area, realization of this 18-month project on the new way contributed to the environment protection and promotion of recycled plastic packagings as material and opportunity to use it to decorate our space. Using their creativity, the artists have made numerous art works and objects of practical value and showed that plastic packagings with 2, 4 and 5 recycling codes don’t have to be a waste. In an innovative way, the promotion of environmentally-friendly activities and established link between environmentalists and artists improved cross-border cooperation and encouraged tourist image of Skadar Lake area as a destination with raised awareness about importance of the environment protection.

Through the education of artists about special recycling and design processes, cooperation with environmentalists, informing population and inclusion of the citizens and institutions in plastic packaging collecting, its recycling and making unique objects, realised during the Art, Plastics & Recycling pilot program, internationaly applied the Social Plastics concept is established in Skadar Lake area.

During this official project closing ceremony, representatives of the project partners will present the project activities and results achived in the following categories:
  • - Mapping of solid waste disposal hot spots in Skadar Lake area and development of the plastics collection concept
  • - Capacity Building Programme where the artists from Montenegro and Albania, using special machine for recycling which are obtained during this project, acquired technic of recycling and design directly by Mr. Gerhard Baer who is a creator of the Social Plastics concept.
  • - Raising awareness about negative impacts of plastic waste on the environment and the neccesity of the recycling as the way to solve one of the major environmental problem in the world.
  • - Promotion of the Art, Plastics & Recycling concept and environmentally-friendly activities.
  • - Cooperation with institutions and local communities aimed at contributing to the sustainability of this concept after the closing of the project.
In both parts this event was attended by the representatives of the institutions, environmental organizations and associations, beneficiaries of this project, media representatives and many other guests. In Podgorica members of the drama club of the Milan Vukotić Elementary School from Golubovci took part in this event and through performed skit contributed to promotion of environment protection.

More information about the project activities and achieved results also can be found on the brochure titled as "Art, Plastic & Recycling".