Workshops organized for the project "Art, Plastic and Recycling" in Cetinje/Montenegro

On 11-15 and 25-29 March in Cetinje/Montenegro were organized the first 2 workshops of the project “Art, Plastic and Recycling”. Parts of these workshops were: Montenegro and Albanian artists, Svetlana Vujicic, Vladimir Jablan, Igor Rakcevic from Culture Zone, Dorina Plaku from Deliart Association, Vjollca Backa, Miranda Berdo, Irida Nikolla and International Consultant Gerhard Bar.

Both workshops started with a joint meeting where partners to the project were met in Cetinje in order to discuss all issues relating to joint workshops as well as action plan with focus to the last 9 months of the project implementation. Partners communicated all issues which occurred during the importation of the recycling machine in both countries which was still pending task. They shared experience and provide further instructions.

The first phase of the workshop was the installation of the machine where special issues arise for the efficient electricity supply and construction which support machine. During the workshops a great attention was paid to the motivation and satisfaction of students participating to the workshop.

As a result of these workshops students created their first artistic works from recycled plastic. They were able to see the process of recycling, how the plastics were cut and put in the machine in order to create effective artistic products.