Citizen’s awareness to collect plastics in the framework of “Art, Plastics and Recycling” project.

On 25.01.2013, was conducted awareness phase for plastics collection in the framework of the project "Art, Plastics and Recycling" in the city of Shkodra. This phase was organized according to the activities planned in the project.

For realization of this phase UMB Project staff in collaboration with Shkodra Municipality located awareness posters in the main streets of the city of Shkodra. These were calling posters for all citizens to gather every Wednesday at defined places, specified with highest pollution to collect plastic waste which will serve later for the recycling process. These posters besides awareness message show all recycling products with their specific codes.

During this process various pedestrians stopped to learn more about the information revealed through these posters, and show their interest through various questions addressed to our team on this project.