Press conference in Ministry of Culture in Montenegro

On Thursday, 28th of March 2013, at the premises of the Ministry of Culture in Montenegro, Press Conference was organized in regards to the completion of the second workshop within the training on project “Art, Plastics & Recycling”. This event was organized by Centre for Sustainable Tourism Initiatives, NGO Culture Zone, Ministry of Culture in Montenegro and Faculty of fine arts in Cetinje. Press conference was consisted of presentation and exhibition of designed items. Svetlana Vujičić (CSTI) an Igor Rakčević (NGO Culture Zone) talked about project concept and dean of Faculty of Fine Arts and international consultant Gerhard Bär discussed about achieved results of implemented workshops.

After presentation, guests could visit items designed by students of Faculty of fine arts in Cetinje and Sköder. They designed tables, chairs, masks, baskets and items of various shapes and design which on symbolic way give message that plastic packaging of products in everyday use could have added value and don’t have to be waste.