Organised trainings in project Art, Plastics & Recycling

On Friday, 29th of March 2013, in Cetinje, second 5-day workshop is finished within project "Аrt, Plastics & Recycling". With assistance of the international consultant, trainer on this workshop, Mr Gerhard Bar, students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Albania and Montenegro learned technics of plastics recycling by using special machine imported for the purpose of this training.

They learned as well artistic skills to transform used plastics and obtain decorative objects with added value manifested in different decoration forms. On both workshops in Cetinje (first organized from 11th of March to 15th of March, second organized from 25th to 29th of March) participated 10 students from Montenegro and 7 students from Albania. Four modules are planned within this project and the next two will be held in Albania (from 22nd of April until 26th April and from 27th of May until 31st of May). Knowledge accepted on these workshops will be used for designing of sculptures from recycled plastics waste which are planned to be installed on Skadar lake as project area improving its touristic image and pointing on importance of environmental protection.

Organised workshops as project activities are integral part of wide concept "Social Plastics", which presents art intervention of Gerard Bar, technical support by "Bar + Knell". It is internationally used concept for collecting plastics, recycling, designing and marketing. International artists Gerhard Bär is creator of this idea "Social Plastics" and he has already successfully implemented it in different countries worldwide. Moreover, he is co-founder of Bär and Knell who has developed methodology to work with used plastics since 1993.