Barleti Institute For Research And Development(BIRD)

About Institute
Barleti Institute for Research and Development (BIRD) has its origin in the Center for Regional Studies, CRS, established within UMB in 2008.

The Institute has been undergoing substantial transformations from the functioning point of view, in order to give a much broader vision to the scientific research in all its components, in compliance with the European policies and standards in this regard, as well as to become a strong promoter and supporter of research with Marin Barleti University, as very close collaborators, with a special focus on sustainable development.

The Institute operates as a non-profit organization of neither economic nor political and religious purposes, based on the Albanian legislation on the non-profit organizations in force.

Barleti Institute for Research and Development (BIRD) was established by "Marin Barleti Group" and Marin Barleti University. Although relatively new, the institute isthriving and has increased its capacity ads well as supporting the University "Marin Barleti" in project implementation and organization of different scientific activities.

Mission and Vision
The Barleti Institute of Research and Development (BIRD) has a remit to carry out and promote high quality applied research. As part of the wider agenda of modernization of higher education in Albania, it intends to assist the University fulfill all the requirements of the Standards & Criteria of the European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS). It aims to ensure that the academic mission of the University can be achieved in full by helping the academic units of the University in developing their research capacities and in mobilizing and extending their existing knowledge to add value through application and impact.

BIRD aspires to become a centre of excellence for multi and interdisciplinary research studies in social, economic, scientific and technological fields, as well as a forum where the business world can meet academia, public policies on sustainable development can be debated among policy and decision makers, academics and civil society, and where young people, by devoting their commitment and energy and by gaining a voice in the public sphere, can become important partners and a valuable source for the community.

The Mission of BIRD is to provide the necessary infrastructure:
  • to foster and to support the multi and interdisciplinary research and scientific activities of UMB and other organizations,
  • to enable the development of standards and the acquisition of knowledge, skills and competences on the part of senior administrators and managers, in order that they may become more efficient and effective, and progress in their careers,
  • to develop into a centre of partnership with the business community by the promotion of entrepreneurial capacities and the creation of a competitive and innovative model for their enterprises;
  • to exploit the full the potential of young people, and of the wider community, by involving them directly in contributing to diverse projects for the social and economic benefit of the community.
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