Meeting between CSTI and UMB on behalf of the project Art, Plastics and Recycling

IPA Cross-border Program between Albania and Montenegro,

On 11 October 2012 in the premises of Shkodra Municipality was held an introductory meeting of the project “Art, Plastics and Recycling”. Parts of this meeting were representatives of local government units of Shkodra District, business representatives, Montenegro partners (CSTI) and UMB staff.

The meeting was opened by the manager of the project Dr. Gazmend Zeneli, who welcomed the participants. Dr. Zeneli in his presentation described the problems associated with waste in the area of Shkodra Lake, and the importance of undertaking this project. Then he introduced the project objectives, activities that have been conducted so far, and expected results. Dr. Zeneli highlighted the importance of cooperation with local authorities as the main beneficiaries of the project.

The next speech was held by Mrs. Svetlana Vujicis, executive director of the center for initiatives of tourism development (CSTI). During her presentation, Mrs.Vujicic emphasized the importance of this project and the results that have been achieved so far, as well different opinions on the objects to be recycled.

After this presentation, the speech was held from German expert Mr. Gerhard Bar, who made a presentation of his similar works conducted in different part of the world, for recycling of plastic waste. Mr. Bar made a demonstration of some works made from plastics like garbage bin, book’s cover and different light shade and showed the process from collecting plastics till recycling it.

Representative of the local government unit, Mr. Nektar Dume expressed his appreciation for the conception of this project, the importance it represents for the population of the areas in question and expressed his commitment to cooperate in this project. Project indicated interest to other members of the meeting, who thanked for this initiative and expressed their willingness to help in every step of the project.

At the end of the meeting, we visited several area markets, where Mr. Bar made a brief presentation of the products and their specifications that are useful for the project and for a successful recycling process.